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Facial/Body Treatments

Enzyme Therapy is suitable for all skin types and conditions. The therapist combines various DANNE formulations to address specific skin conditions such as sun damage, acne, rosacea and pigmentation.

Instant Life treatment

The Enzyme Therapy and Muscle Banding treatment provides breathtaking results. Desired by many for its instant qualities, it is perfect for special occasions. A Transdermal Infusion finishes the treatment by locking integral nutrients into the skin, ensuring optimal skin functioning.

Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel

An effective resurfacing procedure for those wanting dramatic results on the face, neck and décolletage areas. The treatment is inclusive of two Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel applications, Lift-Off treatments and Transdermal Nutrition treatments. A DMK essentials home care pack, retosin, DMK EFA+ and a serum of choice.

Pro Peel

An effective resurfacing and rebuilding procedure, effective on sun damage, sluggish, congested and uneven skin tones. The package includes six weekly treatments, retosin and DMK EFA+.

Liquid Laser

A light non-invasive treatment that focuses on strengthening, firming and rebuilding skin. Great for lines, superficial wrinkles, fragile, weak and dehydrated skin. Includes a Lift-Off Masque, Transdermal Nutrition infused and Home Prescriptives: Retosin and DMK EFA+.

Muscle Banding Enzyme Therapy

The DANNE Muscle Banding treatment tighten, tone and firm face and neck with visible results after just one treatment.

Pre and Post Operative Procedures

DANNE specialises in customised paramedical pre and post operative skin revision to dramatically enhance surgery results and ensure client satisfaction.

Alkaline Wash Hair Removal

Alkaline Wash is an effective painless and harmless hair removal procedure for the face and body.

Transdermal Nutrition Treatment

Let our paramedical skin care technicians take you above and beyond your expectations with a customised facial to hydrate, protect and restore the natural balance of the skin.

Hydrocell Treatment

This treatment uses a harmonious blend of rich nutrients to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin.

De-sensitising Treatment

This treatment is designed to combat sensitive and reactive skins with a transermal anti-inflammatory delivery, restoring normal skin functionality.

Biogen C De-stress Treatment

Smoothes out wrinkles, fine lines and excretion lines leaving a smooth, firm, velvety complexion. This is also a great treatment for clients with fragile capillaries, rosacea or for those who suffer allergies caused by grass or dust.

Fine Line Eye Treatment

Focusing on the delicate eye area, this treatment diminishes dark circles, hydrates dermal tissue, counteracts red and puffy bags and smoothes and firms fine lines,

DANNE Body Treatments MediPedi® Basic

Put the spring back into your step. MediPedi® dissolves dry, hardened and crusty skin build up from the feet without the use of any blades or sharp tools. MediPedi® was awarded a Gold Tick from Harpers Bazaar magazine as a premiere foot treatment.

MediPedi® Full Pedicure

A deluxe pedicure that utilises the MediPedi® method, with the added luxury of nail painting and cuticle care.

Alkaline Variation Treatments For The Body

A qualified technician may prescribe Alkaline Treatments for the following conditions on the body; acne, hair removal, scarring, folliculitis, pigmentation, freckles and sun damage.

Stretch Mark Revision

The Treatment formula softens and dissolves tears in the skin before re-knitting the structure of the tissue. Enzyme Therapy is performed to rebuild and strengthen the skin back to function optimally.

Full Body Enzyme Therapy

This deeply exfoliating treatment is specifically designed for fast results on the body. While hydrolysing redundant cell build up it increases circulation and lymphatic ability. Excellent for cellulite, fluid retention, dry skin, poor circulation and ingrown hairs.

Body Sculpting Wrap

Designed to assist in the re-shaping and sculpting of the body. It provides a dramatic reduction in cellulite by creating a thermogenic effect. It increases circulation and eliminated waste material. Body Sculpting can provide an effective aesthetic result through tightening and toning.

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31 - 35 Salamanca Galleria
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